ductless-mini-splitsMost homes in our area use centralized air conditioning systems, which generate the cool air in one location and then blow it through the house via a system of ducts. They are a safe and efficient means of conditioning the air in your home. But they’re not right for every home, nor are they the only type of system available. Ductless mini splits, in particular, use a fundamentally different means to cool a home, and depending upon the unique nature of your situation, they might be an excellent fit.

How Do They Work?

Ductless systems use a number of smaller units to cool the air instead of one big one. The units are space throughout your house at key points or room, each one designed to cool its particular section alone. That allows you to raise or lower the temperature in each part of the home separately, or even turn off the air in one room while running it in another.

What Are the Benefits?

Ductless systems tend to cost more to install than centralized systems since you have to set up multiple units instead of just one. Once in place, however, these systems provide three distinct advantages over centralized air conditioners that you would do well to consider.

  1. No Ducts. The first and most obvious benefit comes from the title of the system itself. By eliminating the need for ducts, ductless mini splits allow comprehensive air conditioning for homes that can’t support ducts.
  2. Tailored Temperature Control. Assume for a moment that you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen while another family member is watching TV in the living room. You want to turn up the air conditioner to help offset the heat rising from the stove. With a centralized AC system, that would leave the family member in the other room freezing. Ductless systems allow you both to have the temperature you want without either one having to make a sacrifice.
  3. Lower Bills. Taking that last equation to its logical conclusion, you can simply turn off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using during the day (such as bedrooms or similar upstairs rooms) while still running it in parts of the home you are. That can add up to huge savings in monthly cooling bills without asking you to sacrifice your household comfort levels.

Who Will Benefit?

Ductless cooling systems can benefit most every home, but certain particular homes may benefit more than others, including:

  • Large homes with a lot of square footage, which you might struggle to keep cool with a centralized system.
  • Homes built before the advent of central air conditioning—which usually lack the inner wall space necessary to support a centralized air conditioning system—as well as homes with unique architectural features.
  • Homes with a large number of family members, as well as homes that keep multiple residents such as hospices and boarding homes.

If you think your Indian Hill, OH home could benefit from a ductless mini split system, call on the pros at Jacob Bros. Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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